Thursday, 22 August 2019


Media artists, HELENE LACELLE & PETER EVANCHUCK have a new show at Chez Lucien for ur visual dining pleasure.... starts this Friday and ends the end of Sept

LACELLE & EVANCHUCK are creative and life partners who collaborate on all creative media - presently they have several shows running from Ontario to N.S. and beyond having had work in England, USA and Italy.

Recently they completed a DOCUDRAMEDY titled THE SEARCH for a BEAUTIFUL BACHELOR and also a pure Documentary A SHORT HISTORY OF POVERTY - both of these films illustrate the wide and diverse interests the artists hold
in social, cultural and community interests. They adopted their street two years back and also participate in a community garden and manage a local mini parkette.

Peter Harcourt former film critic and Carleton Prof wrote that Evanchuck was passionate about making 'real documentaries based on the actual event not scripted or designed beforehand but on location allowed the reality to create the doc.
Both these films are now on the festival circuit and will be showing in Ottawa and the world.

their creative art pieces start with Evanchuck's photos then are embellished by Lacelle using traditional hand painting combined with modern computer graphics to create a 'marvelous realism'

All welcome to enjoy the congenial atmosphere and the 'food for thought' inspired by the decor and art of Chez Lucien

ART-TWO from 23Aug to Sept30
CHEZ LUCIEN , 137 Murray Street in the market

Wednesday, 31 July 2019

CHEZ LUCIEN art show on the Historic Byward Market - ART NEVER SLEEPS



The 'allnewshow-partONE' hangs at Chez Lucien in the Market from this Friday 02 august to end of month
all welcome - great atmosphere/food as u view the beauty of unique images.

media creative artists LACELLE and EVANCHUCK are life and creative partners for decades making things more beautiful - come and see for urself. ART NEVER SLEEPS

The artists have shows at various galleries/venues across Canada showing Canada's beauty made while on their many travels across this country from coast to coast to coast,

The traditional artist painting style of LACELLE enhances the photographs of EVANCHUCK making the reality of photographs marvelously unique...

Chez Lucien
137 Murray Street, Ottawa 02August to 31August

Thursday, 4 July 2019

More MARVELOUS at the St Laurent Library

Helene with the help of Linda Dabros level-up her 'MARVELOUS'  installation at the St-Laurent Library


Exhibition of Paintings - Helene Lacelle and Peter Evanchuck

St-Laurent Library, in conjunction with Arteast, is proud to present an exhibition of images by local artists Helene Lacelle and Peter Evanchuck. This show is titled Marvellous Realism and runs from June 28 to September 27, 2019.

In this interesting exhibit, the artists combine the traditional use of photography and painting with modern computer capabilities to enhance and create something unique for the viewer. For example, homes undergoing decay and abandonment due to the economic crisis are made beautiful using these techniques. Evanchuck's photography is thus enhanced with Lacelle's paint and brush, and then further developed with the use of computer image enhancement. Images were shot primarily in New Brunswick and in the Perth area of Ontario.

This is a unique opportunity for the public to enjoy, encourage, and support artists in their local community, as well as the St-Laurent Library.

Location: St-Laurent branch of the Ottawa Public Library, 515 Côté Street, Ottawa K1K 0Z8

Hours: Monday to Thursday: 10:00 - 8:30, Friday: 1:00 - 6:00, Saturday: 10:00- 5:00,

Sunday: closed

Monday, 18 February 2019

The 'MOSAIC' show at the Shenkman Art Center - TRINITY GALLERY - Feb.17

ahhhhh the really BIG SHOW at SHENKMAN's TRINITY GALLERY prep prep and more prep some tasty snackers - HELENE doing the heavy lifting of the olives and pickles!

​hey it was worth all the work the guests loved our snackers
big turnout at TRINITY GALLERY 
prepin' in our kitchen 6a.m. yesterday/Sunday for the multitudes
that's HELENE doing the heavy pickle and olive lifting while i'm geting some R&R
 Lois Siegel visiting on day of opening standing by Peter's art/photo of 'THE JOY CLUB'
Helene's folk art piece 'Cousin Suzy with Mom'

Thursday, 31 January 2019

'THE JOY CLUB' window at the Ottawa School of Art

Spreading the 'JOY' - New work showing at the OTTAWA SCHOOL OF ART  - 35 George Street, Byward Market, Ottawa