Friday 1 April 2016

TheOLD TheNEW TheMARVELOUS - LIFE OF PIE - April 1 - 30, 2016

1134 BANK ST, Ottawa
April 1 - 30, 2016


LACELLE (aka NEONMATISSE ) highlights a decade of her art from theOLD folksie art of LadiesINwaiting to theNEW collages of mapping a history of a family-a time-a generation to theMARVELOUS REALISM of ABANDONED where the landscape images of PETER EVANCHUCK form the basis of the scenes that with LACELLES marvelous ingenuity, skills and art become an eerie exploration of style they call MARVELOUS REALISM based on Magic Realism - simply put: 'taking usual and making unusual'

The landscape REALISM images were shot by Evanchuck in the Maritimes last year before re-occuring cancer/3 surgeries slowed him down. The MARVELOUS art work was performed/imagined by LACELLE in Ottawa using modern and traditional techniques

This show uses the full restaurant with MARVEOUS REALISM on the walls in the main room of The LIFEofPIE as well as on the walls in the LOO ( not the LOUVRE but the LOO mmm? )

LACELLE and EVANCHUCK display their creative works in every way they can imagine from street walls on buildings, to alleys in Montreal, to LOO's (washroom walls), the sidewalk beside Metro, the cancer clinic at the General, to the entrance to Ottawa University, to galleries from coast to coast to coast .... avoiding pretention, nonsense, and gobblegook ...

Drop into the LIFEofPIE on 1134 BANK at Hopewell any day u can, check out the art walls , check out the LOO, and settle into a nice cup of Java and a sweet piece of Pie .. now that's LIFEatPIE

ART up for viewing at LIFEofPIE ... 01APRIL16 ( the day of fools ) from morning to evening every day to end of April16

Helene hanging her new show at LIFE OF PIE with the great help of Michelle!

Michelle, Bhat Boy & Helene - Show all set up!