Wednesday 28 November 2018

"MARVELOUS" goes to the ART HOSTEL in Leeds, UK. Yippppeee!

Art Hostel is the first social enterprise in the UK, providing affordable accommodation created by artists. Situated within a converted seed warehouse on the oldest street in Leeds city centre. The project has been developed by contemporary arts’ charity East Street Arts who have been supporting artists locally and internationally for over 25 years.

Marina Moreno, Artemotion and the Venice Vending Machine ( DISPENSING FREE ART ) are very proud to take a new step forward in our direction and be included as part of the “Seeding Art Currency” project curated by Janine Sykes in collaboration with East Street Arts at the Art Hostel in Leeds. The ethos and the driving concept of the Art Hostel perfectly merges with our own philosophy at Artemotion, that of artist led projects.

Thursday 1 November 2018

School of Art submission for Christmas fundraiser!

Artist Jacqueline Mudie  trying to contain her joy on opening night, Nov.22!
Meanwhile Helene's little clay 'MINI COMPANIONS' sit ready and waiting to be re-homed!

​Helene outside in rain
holding one of our beauties i.e. marvelous realism on RideauRiver
Hi guys it's SHOWtime .... ARTneverSLEEPS .... ya know .... hope all's well in ur cribs