Monday 30 July 2018

'CREATIVE PARTS' - CHEZ LUCIEN - marvelous art show - July 31 - Aug 31



   137 Murray St, Ottawa

July 31 - Aug 31, 2018



HELENE LACELLE & PETER EVANCHUCK at CHEZ LUCIENE with 'CREATiVEparts' - curators, artists, filmakers, photographers

Two&half shows for ya'll on walls at Chez Luciene 'The Art of Marvelousness' , 'Abandoned & Creative parts' new & not-so-new creative works by HELENE LACELLE and PETER EVANCHUCK

opens 31July to end of August - PART ONE ( PART TWO all Sept )
Chez Luciene, 137 Murray Street, Ottawa all day to last call

LACELLE and EVANCHUCK have been life and creative partners for decades making all sorts of creative works like marvelous realism ( using modern&traditional methods of media soft&hard ware films like 'pigGIRLinWONDERLAND', docs like 'A SHORT HISTORY of POVERTY', numerous art and photo shows in Canada, USA and Europe and presently in group; show at 'theTATEexchange' in Liverpool,

their films can be seen at they curate at ( an international free art exchange ) their creative photography/art at

they presently are travelling middle and eastern Canada recording using varous media the sights and sounds that interest them - like worldheritage sites, small towns, nature and people

hope u can drop by have a brew and mull around out creative workings