Friday 4 May 2018


curators/artists/filmakers HELEN LACELLE and PETER EVANCHUCK NEW show at Cafe Nostalgica - NOSTALGiA

these new and not so new images depict 'Looking Back -Looking Forward' views of the creative works of art and life partners LACELLE and EVANCHUCK who for decades have been developing new, fresh, marvelous images using traditional and modern techniques for ur viewing pleasure.

Their images are represented by various and abundant venues in North America and Europe.

The creation of images and sounds of marvelous beauty/art have been their lifelong pursuits since they feel joy and creativity walk hand and hand toward an amazingly full realized life.

The sharing of that pursuit can be 'felt' in their latest show called NOSTALGIA

at CAFE NOSTALGICA, 601 Cumberland Street ( in Ottawa University area )
from 01May to 30June 2018 from 10a.m. to last call