Saturday 25 February 2017

the MARVELOUS keeps-on rolling! New work at LIFE OF PIE

not easy living from hospital meet to meet

so that's me life style like it or not

the suggested lesion in left temporal lobe by the oncologist earlier 'fake news' mmm

anyway my surgeonguy Dr LAMOTHE who did the 4 surgeries on me

says no worry see u in 3 months damn oncologist an alarmist

so get our latest PIGinOTTAWA150 images ready for new show

not 'in the LOUVRE' but we're showing 'in the LOO'

'come on down boys and girls sit relax have a slice of pie at LIFEofPIE

1134 BANK ST, Ottawa

photo by Peter Evanchuck


artists/curators/filmakers HELENE LACELLE & PETER EVANCHUCK presents a marvelous visual delight for Ottawa's 150 'PIG SHOTS OTTAWA 150'

LACELLE and EVANCHUCK collaborated on a new series of the unusual to help CELEBRATE OTTAWA's 150 called - 'PIG SHOTS OTTAWA 150'

Photographic 'real' documentary images all shot in the Ottawa area by EVANCHUCK and LACELLE of locals holding Don Featherstone's remarkable nobel prize winning PIG, create this PIG150 in the city show. These documentary images are then hand-worked by LACELLE using tradiional and modern techiniques to creat a 'marvelous feel' that places them into the fantastic world of the imaginative mind. They are fun and you get a chuckle... we hope.

Come on down to THE LIFE OF PIE at 1134 Bank near SUNNYSIDE starting Sunday the 26th Feb until 26th April - all day every day that LIFE of PIE is open

These images are in the LOO at LIFEofPIE that's the LOO not the LOUVRE which adds to the fun of it all. Sit down eat some lovely pie and think about Ottawa's 150

for those interested:
more LACELLE and EVANCHUCK can be viewed at SHENKMANartCENTRE in Orleans, OttawaEast the TRINITY GALLERY until 14March2017
also LACELLE has her clay sculptures 'miniCOMPANIONS' at Ottawa School of Art boutique to end of May2017

Presently they are shooting CANADIAN PIG GIRL a musical comedy

Tuesday 14 February 2017

SHENKMAN Vernissage and our humble MARVELOUS REALISM art pieces

Well well snowstorm didn't stop the hordes of folks at VERNISSAGE at SHENKMAN gallery sunday the 12thFEB2017 -  HELENE honour roll for her wonderous volunteer work pulling empty plates off buffet table and snacking on fudge

Maureen Rooney MItchell, Trinity Gallery director with Helene holding up her MARVELOUS hair

Beautiful Shenkmen Art Center, Ottawa